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Written By esmatco
On February 24, 2024

🌟 Introducing IMI’s CNG Technologies –CNG: GREEN ENERGY FOR BETTER FUTURE! 🌟🔧

ESMA Group proudly presents IMIs market leading products Norgren, Bushjost, Herion and Maxseal that offer an extensive range of high-quality components and complete system solutions to meet the specific requirements of the compressed Natural Gas industry.

✅ Helping to increase energy efficiency

✅Simplifying assembly by reduction of parts/intelligent manifold solutions

✅ Improving the safety of CNG delivery systems

✅ Reducing fittings and therefore potential leakage points.


With a strong reputation for excellence in the industry, ESMA Group is your trusted partner for all your Process Instrumentation and Fluid Power needs. ESMA Group is one-stop destination to explore our comprehensive range of products and services.

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