About ESMA

     More than 5 decades, ESMA Group has been a trusted leader in engineering services and industrial products across the UAE, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, and USA. We hold ISO 9001 certification, signifying our commitment to quality and excellence.
     Our team of qualified engineers and experienced professionals works closely with clients to provide a wide range of services and products in oil & gas, marine, power generation, desalination, and various other industries. We offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop solution, providing everything you need from fluid power engineering services and instrumentation to filtration, tools, and equipment. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your project’s success.

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Pneumatic Tools & Accessories


High /Low Speed Hydraulic Motor


High /Low Speed Hydraulic Motor

About ESMA

We have existed in this field rendering valuable services in the development of prestigious and well-established projects by extending engineering design, engineering and fabrication capabilities, both, on-site and from its workshop facilities, along with, providing components from renowned Principal Manufacturers who have a global presence for the ease of the end users. 

ESMA hold over 45,000 line items in inventory from some of the most reputed manufacturers in the world in its large warehousing facility at Jebel Ali Free Zone (Dubai) and at all individual warehouses at each of the locations available for users to gain access to products instantly.

Our main competitive edge has been our best in class quality products that are available ex-stock, offered at competitive prices, packaged along with value added capabilities in the field of Hydraulics and in Instrumentation that gives the end-users a one-stop shop to access all their engineering needs. 

In short, we are a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all engineering requirements presenting a broad product line with a far-reaching expertise in Instrumentation, Hydraulics, Filtration, Tools & Equipments, Pneumatic systems and components, etc. Our efficient sales team backed by Qualified Engineers and experienced professionals provide a customer service of the highest standard. ESMA Group has been built on leadership based on experience few others can claim.

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  • Together aim to grow sustainably.
  • Provide anticipated returns to the investors.
  • Exploring creative services and solutions in the field of engineering.
  • To provide satisfaction to the customer.


  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by exceeding customer service level.
  • Being ethical.
  • Maintaining complete traceability of all core activities of value chain.


  • Create and maintain professionalism.
  • Creating safe working environment.
  • Being honest, positive and maintaining healthy working culture among all stakeholders.
  • Adhering to laws and regulations towards all stakeholders.
  • Basic human principle and ethics towards each other shall be imperative.

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We are very proud be ISO 9001 certified by a renowned firm BUREAU VERITAS, demonstrating our commitment to a standard process thoroughly reviewed for a consistent performance, continuous improvement and sustainable business performance.

ISO 9001 Certified