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ESMA Is A Fast Pace Growing Company With An Aptitude For Aggressive Growth.

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Welded Construction (WCG) Cylinder


Hydraulic And Lube Filtration Products

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Design , Manufacturing & Supply of :
• Welded Construction (WCG) Cylinder
• Mill Type Cylinder (WCF) Cylinder
• Tie Rod Cylinder

Other Services:
• Onsite Hose Repair Service
• Ultra High Pressure Hose Assembly
• Re-hosing Cranes with Steel & Stainless Steel fittings
• Hydraulic and Instrumentation Tube & Pipe inspection and installation
• Pressure, Vacuum ,Temperature & Compound Gauges Supply

Hydraulic Test Centre for Testing of
• Opened / Closed type Hydraulic Pump
• High /Low Speed Hydraulic Motor
• Hydraulic Cylinder & Actuator
• CETOP Hydraulic Valves, Solenoid Valve, Relief Valve
• Servo Pumps & Valves

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For both, upstream production or oil services, we have filtration and separation solutions to meet your increasing production and processing needs. For more than 40 years, we have been a major equipment supplier to both onshore and offshore oil and gas companies. Our products have been designed to meet your requirements for separation efficiency, reliability, economy, and size.


The Marine Industry rely on effective technology to remove harmful contaminants and help to maximize operational availability, safety and reliability. We have specialised products applicable in Ballast Water, Ship Building, Sea Water Filtration and water treatment – Our high quality & compact filters are reliable, easy to maintenance, with long service life and they significantly reduce maintenance costs.


ESMA has a comprehensive range of filtration products and equipment that are used in all stages of production throughout the Petrochemical industry. Our specialized solutions improve both plant economics and efficiencies i.e.; longer product life cycle with low maintenance and reduced operating costs. Factors critical to the success of modern plant operation.


Just as your products are used as raw materials by different types of chemical producers, Our filtration products have application in all segments of the chemical industry. Oxygen Plant, Phosphoric & Sulphuric Acid, Argon & Nitrogen Plants, Caustic Soda Plant, Nitrogen Plant, Nitric Acid, Soda Ash & Chlorine Plants are to name a few.

We’ve Been In Existence Since 1973 In UAE.

ESMA Industrial Enterprises is a Leading Engineering Company in the U.A.E. providing engineering services and support from a variety of industrial products in the field of Oil & Gas, Marine Onshore and Offshore, Process Industries, Power Generation, Desalination Plants, Manufacturing, Packaging, Petro- Chemical, Fertilizer, Smelter, Shipping, Food & Beverages and many other general Industrial Sector for more than 4 decades.

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