ESMA Group | Parker’s CB/CBF Series Check Valves

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On June 20, 2024

🌟 Introducing Parker’s CB/CBF Series Check Valves by ESMA Group! 🌟

ESMA Group proudly presents Parker’s CB and CBF Series Check Valves, designed for optimal performance in uni-directional flow control for fluids and gases. With a unique floating ball design, these valves are perfect for demanding services, reducing maintenance and enhancing performance in dual-fuel turbines.

🔧 Key Features:

✅Floating Ball Design: Self-centering for optimal sealing

✅Advanced Materials: Carbon-graphite and Teflon® copolymer seats resist high temperatures and pressures

✅High Resistance: Reliable shutoff, even at 500ºF and up to 2500 psi

🔩 Series Enhancements:

✅Graphite Gaskets: Unaffected by high temperatures and thermal cycling

✅Easy Maintenance: Replaceable seats and seals, with repair kits available

Optimize your turbine’s performance with Parker’s reliable check valves!

📸 Check out the image to see these advanced valves in action!


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