Pneumatics & Automation


Pneumatic cylinders, often referred to as pneumatic actuators or pneumatic drives, are used to provide motion and force to industrial automation applications. We offer both single acting cylinders and double acting cylinders and their corresponding accessories & mountings. Our pneumatic cylinder ranges include profile cylinders, roundline cylinders, compact cylinders and rodless cylinders.


Fittings and tubing are absolutely essential to any pneumatic system, and choosing the right ones will improve performance and prevent leaks.


Pneumatic hoses are used in many types of pneumatic systems. Whereas other hoses are specific to their application when it comes to design, our range includes chemical resistant, high pressure and low temperature hose options that are designed to handle a wide range of media. With a number of configurations available, our easy to install pneumatic hoses are suitable for use for a variety of application types that serve across many of today’s most important markets.

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