Hydraulic Technician

Written By anonymous
On August 2, 2021

Project/Job Management

To carry out the given task as per the best engineering practices. Follow the work procedures. Preparing reports after inspection, repair and testing. Communicating the same to the supervisor and exploring best possible solutions. Demonstrate traceability of completed jobs. Maintain records for future reference.

Work Knowledge

Knowledge of working principle of the respective machine/ Skill. Understanding client needs. Able to read and interpret technical drawings. Capable of operating machinery safely. Lead by example in QHSE. Follow rules and regulations at client site and workshop. Able to maintain highest standards of quality and safety.


Taking Safety seriously. To lead by example when it comes to safety both at the workshop and on site. Understand various safety requirements and use of appropriate PPE as and when required. Able to assess the risks involved the work area/ task.

Process Compliance and Improvement

Understand customer specification / safety standards/ requirements/ grievances / issues; Escalate issues (where needed) for resolution; Execute corrective actions for closure; Reassure customers on resolution of complaint; Implement improvement programs as applicable; Exploit these programs for generating repeat sales in order to retain customers and generate repetitive sales.


To maintain discipline in managing work area and tools. To use resources responsibly. To maintain records, as per the company standards, for future reference. To clear clutter at regular intervals for safe working.

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