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Ruelco Prequalified in ZADCO (ADNOC)


In its first Pre-Qualification in Abu Dhabi, ZADCO, the offshore exploration company responsible for the highly corrosive Upper Zakum Field, a part of the ADNOC Group, have given their acceptance and prequalified Ruelco (USA).

Ruelco is a leading manufacturers of Instrumentation Controls manufacturing components from USA for the Wellhead Control Panels and Valve Actuation Companies. Several Panel Shops and Valve Actuation Integrators have enjoyed using the product since the past several years endorsing this remarkable achievement by ESMA.

Ruelco tests every manufactured part at their in-house testing facility. Their 100% ISO 9001 certified quality control program ensures that only products which meet our high standards ever leave the shop. Ruelco also produces a wide range of other services, from military components to bottling accessories for automatic filling machines, in addition to our complete line of instrumentation controls and accessories.

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