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First ZADCO, now ADCO Prequalifies Ruelco


After a recent achievement with ZADCO prequalifying Ruelco (USA) for use of instrument control equipment, in a further new development, we are pleased to announce we have now achieved another important prequalification, this time with ADCO, the onshore drilling arm of ADNOC Group. This is another important achievement where all Wellhead Control Panel (WHCP) Integrators and various other Instrument Skids Fabricators that are providing services specifically for ADCO will now have the freedom and the confidence to benefit from ADCO's prequalification.

"Despite having several previous installations on past projects, we were never able to use Ruelco the same way we would use other manufacturers. Now with this prequalification, we will be very happy to use Ruelco for all our requirements in our panels, " said a Panel Shop based out of Dubai.

A big "Thank You" to our valuable partners at Ruelco, who have made this achievement possible !!

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