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Ruelco Introduces Newly Developed Self-Contained Units


The Ruelco Self-Contained System is designed for the automatic closingof hydraulic actuators where an external power source is not available.

The system allows the operator to easily and reliably open the well controlactuator while ensuring proper functionality. The low and high pressureaccumulators will maintain system pressure through temperature fluctuations.

The integrated pressure switches allow for precise high andlow pressure control of the flow line, and will automatically act to shutdown the actuator.

  • Manifold design with no external tubing on the unit reduces leak pointsas well as reduces likelihood of damage at job site.
  • All material is NACE rated using anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum and SS316.
  • Low and High Pressure Relief Valves preset to desired pressure toprevent damage to actuator or low pressure equipment
  • 40 micron suction filter to prevent contamination of system.
  • Stainless steel gauges with dual scales.
  • Optional integrated pressure switches allow for flow line control withoutadditional components and reduce the tubing required for installation.
  • Seal material used allows full functionality from -50 Deg. F to 180 Deg.F (Alternative seal materials available upon request).
  • High (optional) and low pressure accumulators accommodate forthermal expansion volume changes.
  • System is easily opened with use of red anodized latch.
  • Sight glass on tank allows for visual level indication of system
  • Check valve on suction tube ensures a constant prime of the pump.

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