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HOLMATRO launches new series DOUBLE ACTING LOCKNUT CYLINDERS with Low Closed Height


Holmatro has designed and developed a unique product of double acting locknut cylinders where the applications demands low closed height making this products and excellent solution for such requirements.

Principle of Working


These unique cylinders are equipped with a smart plunger designed to increase the pressure surface resulting in more power within a small diameter.

To protect from the risk of overpressure in the return line there is an integrated safety valve installed in the cylinder.A locknut is provided to position the multiple thread designed plunger.All cylinders are extremely rugged in design and corrosion protected which makes it extremely reliable and durable for long timespan usability.

Models Available:

A range of 12 different standard models with 4 capacities each starting from 50, 100, 150 and 250 tons are available. Three different strokes length of 50, 150 and 300mmare available depending on the applications.Lower closed height by using a maximum side load resistance of 5% available on request.


Industry Applications

  • Building Construction Industries
  • Onshore Oil & Gas Drilling Rigs
  • Ship Building Industry

For further information on the above, contact us on or on +971 4 8839100 or go to for the online brochures and catalogues.